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Frank Levin

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Alan Baker
De Rham
Hendrik De Vries
B O Peirce
Corrado Segre

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BallReviews and Prefaces of W W Rouse Ball's books
BallExtracts from W W Rouse Ball's papers
BellReviews of Eric Temple Bell's books
Bell Extracts from Eric Temple Bell's papers
BinetReport on a memoir of Jacques Binet
Binet Jacques Binet's papers
Burali-FortiPreface to Borali-Forti's Logica matematica
Burali-Forti Cesare Burali-Forti's publications
Burali-Forti Cesare Burali-Forti writes to Bertrand Russell
Burali-Forti Problems of acceptance of the vector calculus
De_RhamReviews of Georges de Rham's books
De_Rham George de Rham - mountaineer
De_Vries_HendrikPublications of Hendrik de Vries
Gruenberg Benjamin Baumslag on Karl Gruenberg
Hamilton Problems of acceptance of the vector calculus
KneeboneReviews of Geoffrey Kneebone's books
Levin_FrankFrank Levin's publications
Levin_FrankMathematics - the Practical, the Logical, and the Beautiful
MontmortMontmort's Essay d'analyse sur les jeux de hazard
MontmortMontmort's Problême du Treize
Peacock Reviews of the 1940 edition of Peacock's Algebra
Peacock Preface to Thomas Peacock's Tutor's Assistant
PeacockPreface to George Peacock's Treatise on Algebra
Peirce_B_OBenjamin Osgood Peirce's publications
PruferHeinz Prüfer's publications
Russell Cesare Burali-Forti writes to Bertrand Russell
Scott Reviews of Charlotte Angas Scott's books
Scott Critical comments by Charlotte Angas Scott
Scott Extracts from Charlotte Angas Scott's papers
ScottPublications of Charlotte Angas Scott
Shafarevich Reviews of Igor Shafarevich's books
SolitarDonald Solitar (1932-2008).
Tait P G Tait at the R&A Clubhouse
TaitPoem: The Morning Round
WiegoldBenjamin Baumslag on James Wiegold
Wirtinger Publications of Wilhelm Wirtinger

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