Index of Additional Material

The material is listed by the mathematician(s) it is linked to.

Abbott"Flatland" Second Edition Preface
AdamsA cartoon about the discovery of Neptune
AdamsJohn Couch Adams' account of the discovery of Neptune
Adams_EdwinE P Adams
AdelardAdelard: "Euclid"
AdlerAugust Adler's publications
AgnesiDubreil-Jacotin on Maria Gaetana Agnesi
AiryAiry's work in engineering
AiryAiry on Thales' eclipse
AitkenA C Aitken the poet
AitkenAitken: "Statistical Mathematics"
AitkenEdinburgh's tribute to A C Aitken
AitkenTurnbull and Aitken: "Canonical Matrices"
Al-BiruniAl-Biruni: "Coordinates of Cities"
Al-KashiAl-Kashi's letter
Al-KashiMuslim extraction of roots
Al-KhwarizmiAl-Khwarizmi and quadratic equations
Albert_AbrahamA A Albert: "Structure of Algebras"
AlcuinSiegfried Sassoon on Alcuin
AleksandrovA D Aleksandrov's view of Mathematics
ArchibaldMathematicians and Music
ArchimedesArchimedes on statics
ArchimedesArchimedes: "Quadrature of the parabola"
ArchimedesArchimedes on mechanical and geometric methods
AristotleAristotle on physics and mathematics
AristotleHeath: "Mathematics in Aristotle" Preface
BabbageCharles Babbage and deciphering codes
BakerHenry Baker addresses the British Association in 1913
BakerH F Baker: "A locus with 25920 linear self-transformations" Introduction
BakerH F Baker: "A locus with 25920 linear self-transformations" Preface
BartikBartik's colleagues
BartlettBartlett's reviews
BergeBerge books
BerkeleyWhiston's comments on Berkeley's "Treatise"
Bernstein_SergiBernstein on teaching
Bertrand"Bertrand's work on probability" Introduction
BesselBessel and the Royal Astronomical Society
BingR H Bing as a car driver
BisacreF F P Bisacre - Applied calculus
BocherM Bôcher: "Integral equations"
BolyaiElemér Kiss: "Mathematical Gems from the Bolyai Chests" Preface
BolyaiTemesvár letter from János to Farkas Bolyai
Bolyai_FarkasTemesvár letter from János to Farkas Bolyai
BolzaOskar Bolza: "Calculus of Variations"
BombelliBombelli: "Algebra"
BornBorn Inaugural
BornMax Born's matrices
BossutCharles Bossut on Leibniz and Newton
BottRaoul Bott on John Nash
BottassoPublications of Matteo Bottasso
BowditchLaplace: "Méchanique Céleste"
BromwichThomas Bromwich: "Infinite Series"
BronowskiBronowski and retrodigitisation
BurgessBurgess plaque
BurnsideW Burnside: "Theory of Groups of Finite Order"
CajoriCajori: "A history of mathematics" Introduction
CajoriFlorian Cajori on William Oughtred
CampbellCampbell on Differential Geometry
CantorPhilip Jourdain and Georg Cantor
CaratheodoryCarathéodory: "Conformal representation"
CaratheodoryG H Hardy's schedule of lectures in the USA
CardanCardan: autobiography
CassiniCassini and the Division in Saturn's Ring
CatalanCatalan manifesto
CatalanGalopin appreciation
CatalanCatalan retirement
CayleyCayley: "Elliptic Functions"
CesariCesari "Residues of Ideals"
ChebyshevChebyshev nets
ChevalleyC Chevalley: "On Herbrand's thought"
ChrystalChrystal: "Algebra" Preface
ChrystalChrystal: EMS Address
ChrystalChrystal EMS tribute
ChrystalGeorge Chrystal's Third Promoter's Address
ChrystalProfessor Chrystal
ChurchGian-Carlo Rota: Alonzo Church
Clifford_AlfredReminiscences of a Friendship: Miller on Clifford
CochranCochran: "Sampling Techniques" Introduction
CochranCochran: "Sampling Techniques" Preface
CohenCohen on mathematics
CoolidgeCoolidge: "Origin of Polar Coordinates"
CopernicusMersenne and Copernicanism
CopsonCopson Professor
CoulsonCoulson: "Electricity"
CourantRichard Courant: "Differential and Integral calculus" English edition
CourantRichard Courant: "Differential and Integral calculus" German edition
CoxCox and statistics for girls
CoxeterCoxeter and Moser: "Generators and Relations"
CusaCusa: On informed ignorance
De_L'HopitalL'Hôpital: "Analyse des infiniment petits" Preface
De_MorganDe Morgan and the Royal Astronomical Society
De_MorganErrors of the Royal Society
De_MorganJohn Walsh's delusions
De_ValeraDe Valera's escape
De_ValeraDe Valera's theory
Dedekind"Richard Dedekind - the man and the numbers" Introduction
DeloneBoris Delone
DeuringMax Deuring's publications
DiaconisDiaconis's papers
DicksonDickson: "Theory of Equations"
DicksonL E Dickson: "Linear algebras"
Du_Bois-ReymondReview of du Bois-Reymond's "Die allgemeine Functionentheorie"
Dubreil-JacotinMarie-Louise Dubreil-Jacotin
Dubreil-JacotinDubreil-Jacotin on Maria Gaetana Agnesi
Dubreil-JacotinDubreil-Jacotin on Sophie Germain
Dubreil-JacotinDubreil-Jacotin on Mary Somerville
Dubreil-JacotinWomen mathematicians by Dubreil-Jacotin
DudeneyDudeney: "Amusements in mathematics" Preface
DurellDurell and Robson: "Advanced Trigonometry"
DysonFreeman Dyson: autobiographical notes
Eckert_JohnBartik's colleagues
Eckmann"Heinz Hopf Collected papers" Preface
EddingtonArthur Eddington's 1927 Gifford Lectures
EddingtonEddington: "Mathematical Theory of Relativity" Preface
EddingtonEddington: "Mathematical Theory of Relativity" Introduction
EddingtonEddington on the Expanding Universe
Ehrenfest"Collected Papers of Paul Ehrenfest" Preface
EinsteinA meeting with Einstein
EinsteinEinstein: "Ether and Relativity"
EinsteinEinstein: "Geometry and Experience"
ElliottEdwin Elliot: "Algebra of Quantics"
EMSEMS 1913 Colloquium
EMSEMS 1913 Colloquium
EMSEMS 1914 Colloquium
EMSEMS 1926 Colloquium
EMSEMS 1930 Colloquium
EMSEMS 1934 Colloquium
EMSEMS 1938 Colloquium
EMS50 years of the EMS
EMSScotland in 1883 and the EMS
EnriquesEnriques' reviews
ErdelyiTodd and Erdélyi on Practical Mathematics
ErdosHardy and Veblen on Erdos
ErdosPál Erdős's student years
EuclidEuclid on elementary astronomy
EuclidBertrand Russell on Euclid
EulerCarl B Boyer: "Foremost Modern Textbook"
EulerKönigsberg bridges
FanoPublications of Gino Fano
FeigenbaumMark Kac on education, physics and mathematics
FeigenbaumMitchell Feigenbaum: the interviewer
FejerPólya on Fejér
FerrarFerrar: "Textbook of Convergence"
Feynman"Surely you're joking Mr Feynman" Introduction
FieldsFields Medal Letter
Fisher"R A Fisher: the life of a scientist" Preface
FisherR A Fisher: "Statistical Methods" Introduction
FisherR A Fisher: "History of Statistics"
FlamsteedFlamsteed v Newton
FordFord - Mathematics for Field Artillery
FordL R Ford - Automorphic Functions
FordL R Ford - Differential Equations
FordL R Ford: Monthly Editor
ForsythAndrew Forsyth addresses the British Association in 1905
ForsythAndrew Russell Forsyth by Leonard Roth
ForsythThree Sadleirian Professors
FourierJoseph Fourier on his teachers
Frank"Studies presented to Richard von Mises" Introduction
FranklinFranklin's textbooks
FreundlichA conversation about Finlay Freundlich
FreundlichFinlay Freundlich's Inaugural Address
FreundlichFinlay Freundlich's Inaugural Address, Part 2
FreundlichThe St Andrews Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope
GalileoGalileo: "Confession"
GalileoGalileo: "Dialogue"
Galileo"Letters from Galileo" Preface
GaschutzGaschutz's My Path
GaschutzGaschutz's reminiscences
GateauxPaul Levy and René Gateaux
GaussGauss: "Disquisitiones Arithmeticae"
GeminusSimplicius on astronomy and physics
GermainDubreil-Jacotin on Sophie Germain
GibsonGibson appointment
GibsonGeorge Gibson: "Calculus"
GibsonGibson: "History of Scottish Mathematics"
GillespieGillespie: "Integration"
GiniGini Eugenics address
GoldstineBartik's colleagues
GoursatGoursat: "Cours d'analyse mathématique"
GrassmannGrassmann: 1844 foreword
GrassmannGrassmann: 1862 extract
Green_SandyGreen: "Sequences and Series"
GregoryCollins and Gregory discuss Tschirnhaus
GregoryCollins writes about himself
GregoryGibson History 5 - James Gregory
GregoryGregory-Collins correspondence
GregoryGregory's Astronomical Clock
GregoryJames Gregory's manuscripts
GregoryGregory's Observatory
GregoryThe Tercentenary of the birth of James Gregory
GregoryH W Turnbull: "Scottish Contribution to the Calculus"
GregoryThe Upper Hall of the University Library
Gregory_DavidGibson History 6 - More Gregorys
GriffithsPhillip Griffiths Looks at 'Two Cultures' Today
HadamardHadamard on the calculus
HadamardJacques Hadamard's failures
HadamardHadamard on Hermite
HadamardJacques Hadamard's mathematician's mind
HadamardHadamard on Picard
HadamardHadamard on Jules Tannery
HahnHans Hahn: "The crisis in intuition"
HahnKarl Menger on Hans Hahn
HalmosHalmos: creative art
HalmosPaul Halmos: the Moore method
HamiltonW R Hamilton: "Elements of Quaternions"
HamiltonJ L Synge and Hamilton
HammingHamming's Reviews
HardyG H Hardy addresses the British Association in 1922
HardyHardy's cricket teams, poets etc
HardyG H Hardy: "Integration of functions"
HardyHardy: reference for Pólya at ETH
HardyHardy in the USA
HardyG H Hardy's schedule of lectures in the USA
HardyHardy and Veblen on Erdos
HardyHardy and Veblen on Max Newman
HardyThree Sadleirian Professors
HardyLeonard Woolf on G H Hardy
HarriotHarriot and binary numbers
HartreeBartik's colleagues
HeathHeath: Everyman's Library "Euclid" Introduction
HeathHeath: "Mathematics in Aristotle" Preface
HeathHeath: "The thirteen books of Euclid's Elements" Preface
HeavisideOliver Heaviside and Newton Abbott
HeinePublications of Eduard Heine
HelmholtzH L F Helmholtz: "Theory of Music" Introduction
HelmholtzH L F Helmholtz: "Theory of music" Prefaces
HerbrandC Chevalley: "On Herbrand's thought"
HerbrandJacques Herbrand's accident
HermiteHadamard on Hermite
HersteinHerstein: Preface to "Topics in algebra"
Hevelius_JohannesHevelius: fire
HilbertDavid Hilbert: "Mathematical Problems"
HillGeorge William Hill's new theory of Jupiter and Saturn
HilleEinar Hille: "Analytic Function Theory"
HirzebruchFriedrich Hirzebruch addresses the 1998 ICM
HobsonErnest Hobson addresses the British Association in 1910
HobsonE W Hobson: "Mathematical Education"
Hopf"Heinz Hopf Collected papers" Preface
HopperBartik's colleagues
HormanderHörmander in "Looking forward from ICM 1962"
Howie Howie Committee
HowieHowie Thanksgiving Service
HuygensHuygens: "Traité de la lumière"
HuygensChristiaan Huygens' article on Saturn's Ring
IacobCaius Iacob: "Applied mathematics and mechanics"
JacobsonJacobson: "Theory of Rings"
JacobsonJacobson: "Structure of Rings"
JeansJames Jeans addresses the British Association in 1934
JeansJames Jeans: "Physics and Philosophy" I
JeansJames Jeans: "Physics and Philosophy" II
JeffreysHarold Jeffreys on Logic and Scientific Inference
JeffreysHarold Jeffreys: "Scientific Inference" Preface
JeffreysHarold Jeffreys on Probability
JourdainPhilip Jourdain and Georg Cantor
KacMark Kac on education, physics and mathematics
KalmanKalman's response
KaplanskyKaplansky: "Infinite abelian groups" Introduction
KarpCarol R Karp: "Languages with expressions of infinite length"
KemenyJános Kemény's student years
Kendall_MauriceHiawatha Designs an Experiment
KeplerKepler's "Foundations of modern optics" Preface to a translation
KeplerKepler's Planetary Laws
KerrKerr: "Technical Education"
KeynesKeynes: "Probability" Introduction Ch I
KeynesJohn Maynard Keynes: "Newton, the Man"
KeynesKeynes: "Probability" Preface
KeynesNewton's Arian beliefs
KhayyamMuslim extraction of roots
KhinchinA I Khinchin on Information Theory
KhinchinA I Khinchin: "Statistical Mechanics" Introduction
KhinchinA I Khinchin: "Statistical Mechanics" Preface
KleinFelix Klein on intuition
KlineKline's books
KnoppKonrad Knopp: Texts
KochinaKochina: "Biography of Kovalevskaya" Preface
KovalevskayaKochina: "Biography of Kovalevskaya" Preface
KovalevskayaAnna Carlotta Leffler on Sonya Kovalevskaya
Krylov_Nikolai_SN S Krylov's monograph - Introduction
KuratowskiKuratowski: "Set Theory and Topology" Foreword
KuratowskiKuratowski: "Introduction to Set Theory"
KuratowskiKuratowski: "Introduction to Topology"
KuroshKurosh: "Lectures on general algebra" Introduction
KuroshKurosh: "The theory of groups" 1st edition
KuroshKurosh: "The theory of groups" 2nd edition
LagrangeJoseph Fourier on his teachers
LambHorace Lamb addresses the British Association in 1904
LambHorace Lamb addresses the British Association in 1904, Part 2
LandauEdmund Landau: "Foundations of Analysis" Contents
LandauEdmund Landau: "Foundations of Analysis" Prefaces
LangSerge Lang: "Algebra"
LangSerge Lang: "A first course in calculus"
LaplaceJoseph Fourier on his teachers
LaplaceLaplace: "Méchanique Céleste"
LaplaceLaplace on "new stars"
LaplaceLaplace: "Essay on probabilities"
LawsonLawson: Merchiston Castle
LaxPeter Lax's student years
Le_VerrierA cartoon about the discovery of Neptune
LedermannLedermann: "Complex Numbers"
LedermannLedermann: "Finite Groups"
Ledermann Library of Mathematics
LehtoLehto closing address
LeibnizCharles Bossut on Leibniz and Newton
LeslieEMS honours James Leslie
LeslieGibson History 11 - John Playfair, Sir John Leslie
LeslieCentenary of John Leslie
LeslieThe Works of Sir John Leslie
Lesokhin"Exercises in group theory"
Levi-CivitaLevi-Civita: "Absolute Differential Calculus"
Levi-CivitaLevi-Civita: "Lezioni di calcolo differenziale assoluto"
Levinson"Selected papers of Norman Levinson" Preface
Levy_PaulPaul Levy and René Gateaux
LonieDr W O Lonie by Thomas Brown
LonieLonie's ideas on education
LonieEducation in St Andrews in 1849
LonieEducation in St Andrews in 1861
LusztigSteele citation for Lusztig
LuzinThe 1936 Luzin affair
Lyapin"Exercises in group theory"
MacDonaldH M Macdonald addresses the British Association in 1934
MacdonaldMacdonald Endowments
MackeyWhat do mathematicians do?
MaclaurinMathematics at Aberdeen 3
MaclaurinGibson History 9 - Colin Maclaurin
MaclaurinKilmodan Church
MaclaurinMathematical Works of Colin Maclaurin
MaclaurinTurnbull lectures on Colin Maclaurin
MacMahonPercy MacMahon addresses the British Association in 1901
MacRobertMacRobert: "Spherical Harmonics" Preface
MacRobertMacRobert Professor
MacRobertT M MacRobert: "Spherical Harmonics" Contents
Magnus"Combinatorial group theory"
MalcevMalcev: "Foundations of Linear Algebra" Introduction
MandelbrojtThe Mandelbrojt family
MandelbrojtMandelbrojt becomes a French citizen
MandelbrojtMandelbrot: Foreword to "Abraham Robinson" by Dauben
MandelbrotThe Mandelbrojt family
MandelbrotMandelbrot: Foreword to "Abraham Robinson" by Dauben
Marczewski"Selected papers of Edward Marczewski" Preface
MaskelyneNevil Maskelyne measures the Earth's density
MauchlyBartik's colleagues
MaxwellEMS honours Maxwell and Tait
MaxwellJames Clerk Maxwell on the nature of Saturn's rings
McVittieG C McVittie papers
MengerMenger on the Calculus of Variations
MengerKarl Menger on Hans Hahn
MengoliNapierian logarithms explained by Pietro Mengoli
MersenneDe Coste on Mersenne
MersenneMersenne and Copernicanism
MersenneMersenne's Publications
MihocGheorghe Mihoc's books
MillerG A Miller - A letter to the editor
Miller_KellyMiller graduation address
Mises"Studies presented to Richard von Mises" Introduction
MitchellThe Dundee Numerical Analysis Conferences
MongeJoseph Fourier on his teachers
Montessusde Montessus publications
MontmortDe Montmort: "Essai d'Analyse"
Moore_RobertPaul Halmos: the Moore method
MoreraPublications of Giacinto Morera
Moser_WilliamCoxeter and Moser: "Generators and Relations"
MuirThomas Muir: "History of determinants"
MuirMuir on research in Scotland
NapierGibson History 4 - John Napier
NapierNapierian logarithms explained by Pietro Mengoli
NapierA comment about Napier
NapierNapier's rods
NapierNapier Tercentenary
NapierA Napierian logarithm before Napier
NashRaoul Bott on John Nash
NassauJ J Nassau - Practical Astronomy
NeugebauerOtto Neugebauer - a biographical sketch
Neumann_BernhardB H Neumann's "Bull. Austral. Math. Soc." Editorial
NewmanHardy and Veblen on Max Newman
NewtonCharles Bossut on Leibniz and Newton
NewtonCollins meets Newton
NewtonFlamsteed v Newton
NewtonJohn Maynard Keynes: "Newton, the Man"
NewtonNewton's Arian beliefs
NewtonNewton: "Principia" Preface
NorthcottNorthcott: "Ideal theory"
OldsOlds' teaching articles
OlechOlech closing address
OlechOlech opening address
OllerenshawK Ollerenshaw: "The Girls' School"
OppenheimUniversity of Malaya address
OppenheimAsia in 1984
OughtredFlorian Cajori on William Oughtred
PacioliA Napierian logarithm before Napier
PadoaPublications of Alessandro Padoa
PappusPappus on analysis and synthesis in geometry
PappusPappus on mechanics
PappusPappus on the trisection of an angle
PappusPappus on the wisdom of bees
PascalGilberte Pascal: "The life of Pascal"
PauliWolfgang Pauli and the Exclusion Principle
Peirce_Charles"Writings of Charles S Peirce" Preface
PerelmanPerelman's Fields Medal
Picard_EmileHadamard on Picard
PinkertonPinkerton rector
PlanckMax Planck: "The Nature of Light"
PlanckMax Planck and the quanta of energy
PlanckMax Planck: "Quantum Theory"
PlatoPlato on Mathematics
PlatoPlato describes the planets
PlatoD'Arcy Thompson on Plato and Planets
PlayfairGibson History 11 - John Playfair, Sir John Leslie
PoincarePoincaré on the future of mathematics
PoincarePoincaré on intuition in mathematics
PoincarePoincaré on non-Euclidean geometry
PolyaHardy: reference for Pólya at ETH
PolyaPólya on Fejér
PolyaPólya: "How to solve it" Preface
PolyaPólya's favourite quotes
PolyaPólya and Szegö: "Problems and Theorems in Analysis"
PrattJohn Henry Pratt's Birthday
PrestonGordon Preston on semigroups
ProclusProclus and the history of geometry as far as Euclid
ProclusProclus on the Parallel Postulate
ProclusProclus on pure and applied mathematics
PtolemyPtolemy's hypotheses of astronomy
QueteletBMI index
QueteletAdolphe Quetelet on crime
RankinThe Edinburgh Mathematical Society: the first hundred years
RayleighErrors of the Royal Society
RecordeRecorde: "The Declaration of the Profit of Arithmeticke"
RedeiRédei: Algebra
Rey_PastorAn interview with Prof Eduardo L Ortiz
Rey_PastorInaugural Discourse by Julio Rey Pastor
RiesAdam Ries: "Coss"
RobinsonMandelbrot: Foreword to "Abraham Robinson" by Dauben
Robinson_JuliaJulia Robinson: Hilbert's 10th Problem
RotaGian-Carlo Rota: Alonzo Church
RothAndrew Russell Forsyth by Leonard Roth
RothRoth Family
RouthEdward Routh's family history
RungeCarl Runge: "Graphical Methods"
RuseH S Ruse papers
RussellBertrand Russell on Euclid
RutherfordRutherford: "Fluid Dynamics"
SalmonGeorge Salmon: from mathematics to theology
SamuelZariski and Samuel: "Commutative Algebra"
SangEdward Sang on his tables
SaundersonDiderot: Nicholas Saunderson
SavageLeonard J Savage: "Foundations of Statistics"
SchlappColin Maclaurin
SchoutenJ A Schouten's Opening Address to ICM 1954
SchrodingerSchrödinger: "Statistical Thermodynamics"
Segre_CorradoPublications of Corrado Segre
SempleSemple and Kneebone: "Algebraic Projective Geometry"
SheppardSheppard Papers
SimpliciusSimplicius on astronomy and physics
SimsonGibson History 7 - Robert Simson
SkolemSkolem: "Abstract Set Theory"
SneddonSneddon: "Special functions"
Solitar"Combinatorial group theory"
SomervilleDubreil-Jacotin on Mary Somerville
SomervilleSomerville's American connections
SomervilleSomerville's Booklist
SomervilleSomerville's House in Burntisland
SomervilleRecollections of Mary Somerville
SommerfeldSommerfeld: "Atomic Structure"
SommervilleSommerville: "Geometry of n dimensions"
SpencerDonald C Spencer's publications
StackelReview of du Bois-Reymond's "Die allgemeine Functionentheorie"
StackelStäckel's contribution to Mathematics Teaching
StewartGibson History 10 - Matthew Stewart, John Stewart, William Trail
StirlingGibson History 8 - James Stirling
StirlingCharles Tweedie on James Stirling
StuartJames Stuart in Vanity Fair
SuterJ Ruska on Heinrich Suter
SyngeJ L Synge and Hamilton
SyngeJ L Synge: "Geometrical Optics"
SzegoGábor Szegó's student years
SzegoPólya and Szegö: "Problems and Theorems in Analysis"
SzekeresGeorge Szekeres's student years
TaitEMS honours Maxwell and Tait
TaitTait and golf
Tannery_JulesHadamard on Jules Tannery
TarskiAlfred Tarski: "Cardinal Algebras"
TaylorPhillip S Jones on Brook Taylor
TaylorTaylor versus Continental mathematicians
TempleGeorge Temple's Inaugural Lecture I
TempleGeorge Temple's Inaugural Lecture II
ThalesAiry on Thales' eclipse
Thompson_D'Arcy D'Arcy Thompson's family
Thompson_D'ArcyD'Arcy Thompson by David Burt
Thompson_D'ArcyDArcy Thompson knighted
Thompson_D'ArcyD'Arcy Thompson on Greek irrationals
Thompson_D'ArcyD'Arcy Thompson on Plato and Planets
ThomsonKelvin on the sun
ThomsonThomson on British units
ThomsonThomson on "ether"
TietzeHeinrich Tietze on Numbers
TietzeTietze: "Famous Problems of Mathematics"
TitchmarshE C Titchmarsh: "Aftermath"
TitchmarshE C Titchmarsh on Counting
Todd_JohnTodd and Erdélyi on Practical Mathematics
Todd_JohnTodd: "Basic Numerical Mathematics"
TodhunterIsaac Todhunter: "Euclid" Preface
TodhunterIsaac Todhunter: "Euclid" Introduction
TrailMathematics at Aberdeen 3
TrailGibson History 10 - Matthew Stewart, John Stewart, William Trail
TroughtonThe South-Troughton quarrel
TruesdellTruesdell's books
TschirnhausCollins and Gregory discuss Tschirnhaus
TuringTuring as a runner
TurnbullGregory's Astronomical Clock
TurnbullGregory's Observatory
TurnbullThe Tercentenary of the birth of James Gregory
TurnbullTurnbull and Aitken: "Canonical Matrices"
TurnbullTurnbull: "The Great Mathematicians" Preface
TurnbullTurnbull lectures on Colin Maclaurin
TurnbullTurnbull Professor
TurnbullScience at St Andrews
TurnbullH W Turnbull: "Scottish Contribution to the Calculus"
TurnbullThe Upper Hall of the University Library
TweedieCharles Tweedie on James Stirling
TweedieCharles Tweedie's subscribers
Ulugh_BegAl-Kashi's letter
Ulugh_BegThe Samarkand Observatory
VaccaNapierian logarithms explained by Pietro Mengoli
VaccaA Napierian logarithm before Napier
VajdaVajda books
VajdaVajda citation
ValerioLuca Valerio's scientific career
ValiantValiant Turing Award
VeblenHardy in the USA
VeblenHardy and Veblen on Erdos
VeblenHardy and Veblen on Max Newman
VeblenVeblen's Opening Address to ICM 1950
VeblenOswald Veblen Publications
VieteDe Thou on François Viète
Von_NeumannBartik's colleagues
Von_NeumannJános Neumann's student years
Von_NeumannVon Neumann: "The Mathematician"
Von_NeumannVon Neumann: "The Mathematician" Part 2
Von_NeumannVon Neumann Silliman lectures
WalshJohn Walsh's delusions
WangerinPublications of Albert Wangerin
WantzelA de Lapparent: "Wantzel"
WeierstrassAnna Carlotta Leffler on Sonya Kovalevskaya
WeilAndré Weil: "Algebraic Geometry"
WeilAndré Weil: Rouen prison
WeylG H Hardy's schedule of lectures in the USA
WeylH Weyl: "Theory of groups and quantum mechanics" Introduction
WeylH Weyl: "Theory of groups and quantum mechanics"Preface to First Edition
WeylH Weyl: "Theory of groups and quantum mechanics"Preface to Second Edition
WhistonWhiston's comments on Berkeley's "Treatise"
WhiteheadA N Whitehead addresses the British Association in 1916
WhiteheadA N Whitehead: "Autobiographical Notes"
WhiteheadA N Whitehead: "Mathematics in the History of Thought"
WhittakerEdmund Whittaker: "Physics and Philosophy"
WhittakerWhittaker retires EMA
WhittakerWhittaker RSE Prize
Whittaker_JohnJ M Whittaker Chair
WienWien's 1890 report
WignerJenó Wigner's student years
WilderR L Wilder: "Cultural Basis of Mathematics I"
WilderR L Wilder: "Cultural Basis of Mathematics II"
WilderR L Wilder: "Cultural Basis of Mathematics III"
WilliamsonJohn Williamson papers
Wilson_AlexanderThe Wilson Depression
WoodwardWoodward looks back
YoungW H Young addresses ICM 1928
YoungW H Young addresses ICM 1928 Part 2
YoungW H Young: "Differential Calculus"
YoungWilliam and Grace Young: "Sets of Points"
ZariskiZariski and Samuel: "Commutative Algebra"
ZhukovskyZhukovsky (or Jowkowski) aerofoils

Other Additional Material

American Mathematical Society Colloquium
Big Game Hunting
Edinburgh Mathematical Notes
EMS Roll of Honour for World War I
Founding of the Scottish Universities
Graf theory
John Collins by Wood
Journal of the Statistical Society of London
Lucretius: "On the Nature of Things"
Madras College exams
Mathematical and Physical Journal for Secondary Schools
Mathematics in Aberdeen
Mathematics in France during World War II
Mathematics in Glasgow
Mathematics in St Andrews
Rose's Greek mathematical literature
Scottish University Examinations
St Andrews Mathematics Examinations
St Andrews Physics Examinations
Students in 1711
Twenty-Five Years of Groups St Andrews Conferences
University of Glasgow Examinations
Venice and statistics
William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition

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