Alexander Craig Aitken

1895 - 1967

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Alec Aitken served at Gallipoli and in France with the New Zealand army. His experiences here affected him for the rest of his life. He had a prodigious memory and calculating ability. He worked in Statistics, Numerical Analysis and Algebra and made important contributions in all these areas.
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  1. Papers in the Proceedings and Notes of the EMS
  2. Walter Ledermann's memoir
  3. A C Aitken the poet
  4. Edinburgh's tribute to A C Aitken
  5. Turnbull and Aitken: Canonical Matrices
  6. Aitken: "Statistical Mathematics"
  7. Obituary: The Times

Honours awarded to Alec Aitken
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Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh1925
EMS President1931
Fellow of the Royal Society1936
EMS President1951
BMC morning speaker1956
Honorary Fellow of the Edinburgh Maths Society1967

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