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This link gives access to lists of the more than 1300 mathematicians with biographies in our archive
This link gives access to a list of 30 articles on the history of various topics in mathematics
This link gives access to a list of more than 60 curves with their history and properties
This takes you to a list of mathematicians whose birthday or anniversary of their death is today
This allows you to search anywhere in the archive for a word or phrase

Other links in the Main Index are to various Recently added features including
New and expanded biographies.

Links to other facilities include:

Birthplace Maps
gives access to touch sensitive maps of mathematician's birthplaces

Anniversaries for the year
gives lists of mathematicians who were born or died on each day of the year

let you see how the lives of mathematicians in our archive overlapped

Mathematical Societies, Medals, honours, etc
gives histories of mathematical societies and various honours that have
been given to Mathematicians in our archive

Poster index
gives information on how to print out posters available for many mathematicians and most days of the year

Information for new users
gives more information about our system

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