MacTutor History Statistics

Some MacTutor History Statistics

Number of biographies:2 578
Number of portraits:about 5 900 pictures of 2 200 mathematicians

Number of words in biographies:about 3 000 000
Number of references to books/articles:about 25 000
Number of links to other biographies:about 25 000
Number of links to other Websites:about 2 500
Number of quotations by mathematicians:about 1 000
Number of birthplaces located on maps:about 1 100

Number of History Topics:145
Number of words in History Topics:about 250 000
Number of links in History Topics:about 6 000

Number of Famous Curves:63
Number of words in Famous Curves:about 14 000
Number of pictures in Famous Curves:about 750
Number of links in Famous Curves:about 600
Number of Java capable curves:56

Number of files of additional material:604

Number of file accesses per week:about 2 000 000
Number of distinct users per week:about 200 000
Record daily file accesses:527 269

Total size of archive:about 776 Mb (about 40 000 files)

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