Frank Nelson Cole Prize

Winners of the Frank Nelson Cole Prize of the AMS

The Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Algebra and the Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Number Theory were founded in honour of Professor Frank Nelson Cole on the occasion of his retirement as secretary of the American Mathematical Society after twenty-five years of service and as editor-in-chief of the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society for twenty-one years.

The original fund was donated by Professor Cole from money presented to him on his retirement, was augmented by contributions from members of the Society, and was later doubled by his son, Charles A Cole.

The present endowment is $4,000. The prizes are awarded at two different five-year intervals for contributions to algebra and the theory of numbers, respectively, under restrictions similar to those for the Böcher Prize.

1928 Leonard E Dickson
1931 Harry S Vandiver
1939 A Adrian Albert
1941 Claude Chevalley
1944 Oscar Zariski
1946 H B Mann
1949 Richard Brauer
1951 Paul Erdös
1954 Harish-Chandra
1956 J T Tate
1960 S Lang
1960 M A Rosenlicht
1962 K Iwasawa, B M Dwork
1965 W Feit, John G Thompson

1967 J B Ax, S B Kochen
1970 J R Stallings, R G Swan
1972 W M Schmidt
1975 H Bass, Daniel G Quillen
1977 G Shimura
1980 M Aschbacher, M Hochster
1982 Robert P Langlands , B Mazur
1985 G Lusztig
1987 D M Goldfeld, B H Gross, D B Zagier
1990 Shigefumi Mori
1992 K Rubin, P Vojta
1995 D Harbater, M Raynaud
1997 Andrew Wiles
2000 A Suslin, A J de Jong

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