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The Edinburgh Mathematical Society was founded in 1883. The first officers were elected at the first meeting of the Society which took place at 8 p.m. on Friday 2 February 1883 in the Mathematics Classroom of Edinburgh University. The first secretary served for less than a year, with the second secretary elected to serve from the beginning of academic year 1883-84. The Society had one secretary from its foundation in 1883 until 1971 when J D P Meldrum became a second secretary and J L Mott, who had been appointed in 1960, continued as secretary. From that time on the Society has had two honorary secretaries.

1883 C G Knott
1883-1888 A Y Fraser
1888-1891 J Alison
1891-1896 J B Clark
1896-1899 J W Butters
1899-1904 D C McIntosh
1904-1908 P Pinkerton
1908-1911 A G Burgess
1911-1916 P Comrie
1916-1921 P Ramsay
1921-1924 B B Baker
1924-1930 E T Copson
1930-1933 H S Ruse
1933-1938 I M H Etherington
1938-1939 J B Marshall
1939-1944 I M H Etherington
1944-1947 J B Marshall
1947-1953 R Smart
1953-1960 J Fulton
1960-1974 J L Mott
1971-1980 J D P Meldrum
1974-1983 T A Gillespie
1980-1993 J Martin
1983-1992 C J Shaddock
1992-2003 P Heywood
1993-2000 C J Smyth
2000-2009 A D Gilbert
2003- T H Lenagan
2009-2011 A M Davie
2011- A Smoktunowicz

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