Fermat Prize

Fermat Prize of the Université Paul Sabatier

The Fermat Prize is awarded to a mathematician for decisive research in those fields to which Pierre de Fermat contributed, namely: Statements of Variational Principles; Foundations of Probability and Analytical Geometry; and Number Theory. The main aim is to reward those whose researches are accessible to the greatest number of professional mathematicians within these fields.

1989 A Bahri

... for the introduction of new methods in the Calculation of Variations.

1989 K A Ribet

... for his contribution to Number Theory and Fermat's last Theorem.

1991 J-L Colliot-Thélène

... for his work on Number Theory and rational manifolds the research for which was undertaken to a large extent with J-J Sansuc.

1993 J-M Coron

... for his contributions to the study of Variational Problems and Control Theory.

1995 A J Wiles

... for his works on Shimura-Taniyama-Weil's conjecture which resulted in the demonstration of Fermat's Last Theorem.

1997 M Talagrand

... for his fundamental contributions in various domains of Probability.

1999 F Bethuel and F Helein

... for several important contributions to the theory of variational calculus, which have consequences in Physics and Geometry.

2001 R L Taylor

... for his various contributions to the study of links between Galois representations and automorphic forms.

2001 W Werner

... for his works on the intersection exponents of Brownian motion and their impact in theoretical Physics.

2003 L Ambrosio

... for his impressive contributions to the Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory, and their link with partial differential equations.

2005 P Colmez

... for his contributions to the study of L functions and p-adic Galois representations.

2005 J-F Le Gall

... for his contributions to the fine analysis of planar Brownian motions, his invention of the Brownian snake and its applications to the study of non-linear partial differential equations.

2007 C Khare

... for his proof, in collaboration with Jean-Pierre Wintenberger, of Serre's modularity conjecture in number theory.

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