CMS Jeffery-Williams Prize

The Jeffery-Williams Prize of the Canadian Mathematical Society

The Jeffery-Williams Prize was set up by the Canadian Mathematical Society to recognize mathematicians who have made outstanding contributions to mathematical research. The first award was made in 1968.

1968 I Kaplansky

1969 R Pyke

1970 W A J Luxemburg

1971 W T Tutte

1972 P J Davis

1973 H S M Coxeter

1974 H J Zassenhaus

1975 N S Mendelsohn

1976 M Wyman

1977 G Duff

1978 G Gratzer

1979 I Halperin

1980 R P Langlands

1981 J E Marsden

1982 J Lipman

1983 R H Bott

1984 C S Morawetz

1985 L Siebenmann

1986 C Herz

1987 L Nirenberg

1988 J Lambeck

1989 E C Milner

1990 R Steinberg

1991 P Lancaster

1992 I Sigal

1993 J Arthur

1994 D Dawson

1995 R V Moody

1996 M Goresky

1997 S Halperin

1998 George Elliott

1999 John Friedlander

2001 David Boyd

2002 Edwin Perkins

2003 Ram Murty

2004 Joel Feldman

2005 Pierre Milman

2005 Edward Bierstone

2006 Andrew Granville

2007 Nassif Ghoussoub

2008 Martin Barlow

2009 Stephen Kudla

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